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Qi Flow ​ is the cross pollination of Qigong and Yoga.

Through the Qi Flow Method, I'm hoping you'll find a new awareness of your energetic body.  

While recovering from a shoulder injury, I re-discovered that my Yoga practice benefited my skeletal alignment while lengthening the muscles and tendons as well as deepening my breath.

When I added Qigong to the Yoga practice, initially in the interest of saving time, I was amazed at how my healing process accelerated. After just three weeks, with a full thickness tear of one of my rotator cuff muscles, I am pain free with full range of motion.

In retrospect, I believe that the awareness of energy (Qi) flow, which is the key component of a Qigong practice, enhanced the healing process. Combining alignment, muscle lengthening, breath and energy flow awareness creates a self care practice that each of us can add to our toolboxes to manifest optimum health.